Youth and Alpacas




Our youth are the future of our alpaca livestock industry. They have enthusiasm, energy, bright futures and an unstoppable quest for knowledge. We as adults have only scratched the surface as we strive to learn about the enchanting alpaca. We will leave our job unfinished but in the capable hands of our future generations. All we need to do is encourage and support the power of youth.



Alpaca farms are part of the family farming industry in West Virginia. We encourage our children to look forward to a high quality and economically successful farm and rural life.


            West Virginia Alpaca Youth Programs And Activities Include:


            4-H Project Opportunities


            Producing Fiber Products


Employment on Alpaca Farms  


            Alpaca Farm Tours


            State Alpaca Youth Events  


            College Courses  

                        [Alpaca Husbandry, WVU, A&VS 293M, Spring terms]

                        [Veterinary Science programs, Potomac State University]

                        [Veterinary Science Programs, Fairmont State University]


            For more information on West Virginia Alpaca Youth Opportunities, please check out our events page. You can also contact WVAO at (add link)